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Pineberry Paper

Mini Traveling Postcards | TPC | 3" x 4"

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$4.50 USD
Card Pack

Card Size: 3" x 4"
Space Size: varies
Paper: 14pt cardstock

Fill out your return address, select a theme, and send your Traveling Postcard (TPC) off to the next person for them to add their mark. Once your card has traveled and completed all empty spaces it will be sent back to you. Do this fun activity with friends or join TPC communities that will help you fill out and circulate these cards.

Please Note

*Colors represented may vary from cards due to computer monitor calibration.

*After your order is sent out, We have no control over post office processing times, any delays that occur, or lost shipments.

*Make sure your mailing address is correct. We will not be responsible for wrong addresses given once the items have been shipped

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