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Welcome to Pineberry Paper

Hi everyone, I'm Miki, creator of Pineberry Paper. I have loved collecting cute stationery and stickers since I  was really young. My parents frequently took me on trips to Asia where I would come back with a suitcase full of cute pencils, notebooks, calendars, letter sets, and stickers. I rarely used my stationery collection because I didn't want to "ruin" it with my ugly handwriting, I just enjoyed keeping everything in pristine condition. A few years ago I discovered planners at my local Michael's store, I purchase 2 of them and a ton of sticker books. This time I used the planners and only sticker books that I had doubles of. When I learned that people can make their own kiss cut sticker sheet at home, I just had to try it out. Now I make my own stickers and can enjoy using them in my planner. I'm a sticker hoarder no more (sort of, I'm still not going to use the ones I've been collecting since I was 5). During the fall of the 2020 covid pandemic I decided to open up Pineberry Paper. Thank you so much to everyone who took some time to check out my shop, your support is very much appreciated.


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